CMHA Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, launched a new initiative combining a popular online game and mental health. On February 7th, 2022, CMHA Saskatchewan officially launched the “Mentally Safe Minecraft Server.”

The idea originated from youth gamers struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression who recognized that online gaming culture has become toxic. The toxic behaviour makes online gaming a not mentally safe environment. However, the appeal of gaming online is being able to connect with others while gaming. Taking this all into account, this is how the mentally safe Minecraft server came to be.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, how is this platform mentally safe?

The server has mental health workers from CMHA and peers supporters to answer any questions, talk about issues, and, most importantly, be there to monitor that no cyberbullying is happening. Paired with the streaming platform discord, Saskatchewan-based help-lines are signed into games and on Discord channels. If players are caught doing anything to impact another player negatively, they will be removed from the game for a period of time. However, they will still have access to Discord with mental health support. A unique feature designed specifically for this game is the space where virtual groups can meet around  a “campfire.” Where users can have confidential conversations and learn tools on how to maintain and work on mental wellness.

How similar does this look to actual Minecraft?

When you enter the MS2 Hub, the first thing you will see is the hub point that looks like a Minecraft version of Mosaic Stadium, the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and one of the funders of this project. From this point, players can choose three worlds: A creative world, a survival world, and a mini-games world. Each of these worlds features Saskatchewan themes and elements.

Now having heard about this game, you may be wondering. Who can play?

While it was initially designed for youth in Saskatchewan ranging from ages 15-29. As long as you have a positive attitude and enjoy Minecraft, anyone is welcome to play!

How do I play?

Visit the link below!