Can you relate to any of these feelings?

1. Cancelling plans and worrying that people will judge you.

2. Your family and friends tell you to just relax (and they mean it in the best way possible), but it isn’t that simple.

3. You can’t turn your brain off at night. SO. MANY. THOUGHTS.

4. When people say, “We need to talk.”
Seriously? Why? Why can’t you just tell me now?!

5. When people read your messages but don’t reply right away so you re-read your messages to ensure that you didn’t say anything wrong.

6. Getting anxious about feeling anxious.

7. Being the first person to arrive somewhere and worrying about no one else showing up.

8. Being late… What if your friends get mad at you or call you out for being late?!

9. You replay a conversation in your head and overthink the things you said.

10. The relief that sets in when you can overcome an anxious moment. (Woohoo – you did it!)

You’re not alone – Anxiety is something that many of us experience daily. While there remains stigma that surrounds mental illness, we believe that being able to relate to one another on this topic is very important.

Anxiety can interfere with our ability to enjoy life and our surroundings, but rest assured that you can always find someone who understands what you’re going through, and most importantly, help you overcome the fears that prevent you from enjoying your life.