Studies show that around 1-4% of Americans are sociopaths. That statistic could be a lot scarier if all sociopaths were killers. Thankfully, most sociopaths aren’t killers; but they can make life really difficult for the people around them. Since there are quite a few sociopaths out there, it is not unlikely that you will encounter or even date one.

Here are 11 ways to spot the sociopath in your life:

1: They’ve got a huge ego

This is more than confidence; a sociopath is narcissistic to the extreme. They are entitled and tend to blame people for their own failures.

2: They lie constantly

A sociopath will lie, just to lie. They enjoy tricking people and manipulating others to get their way.

3: They can’t see your side

Empathy is a foreign emotion for a sociopath. Their inner emotional world is shallow, so for them to try and imagine someone else’s emotional state is virtually impossible.

4: They have no shame

Sociopaths never feel guilt or shame because of their actions.

5: They keep their cool, even when they shouldn’t

It’s not uncommon for a sociopath to not be anxious following a traumatic event. An experiment showed that normal people exhibit fear and anxiety when they see distressing images or are threatened with an electric shock; a sociopath does not.

6: They let their impulses guide them

Sociopaths have no regard for others and are often unreliable. They do things on a whim. They can’t stay focused on one goal and are often irresponsible when it comes to finances.

7: They don’t have very many friends

If they have any friends at all. Sociopaths don’t usually want friends unless they want something from that “friend”.

8: They’re charming on the surface

Sociopaths are often charismatic and charming. They use these likeable traits to hide their true personality and to accomplish their own agenda.

9: They do what they want

They seek thrill and excitement. They live in the fast lane. If something feels good and they can probably escape the consequences, then they will do it! They look for pleasure wherever they can get it.

10: They break the rules

Sociopaths believe that rules and laws were made for other people, not them.

11: They have a piercing gaze

They are ok with long and uninterrupted eye contact, which often comes off as aggressive.

Unfortunately for you, a sociopath isn’t likely to see their behaviour as inappropriate or unacceptable. Additionally, they are cunning and can often make you feel like you are the problem. Don’t ignore it if you are suspicious that your partner is a sociopath, otherwise you’ll get tangled in their sociopathic web. It’s not worth it to stick around and see if a sociopath will change. You deserve someone who wants to be with you, and not just use you.