Tyrone Unsworth was a 13-year-old boy from Brisbane, Australia. He passed away from suicide on November 22 after experiencing torturous bullying at school.

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“Everyone wants me dead…”

Before Tyrone’s death, he confided in his friend, Gypsie-Lee Edwards Kennard. Gypsie-Lee told news reporters that a month prior to Tyrone’s death, bullies attacked him. “This kid picked up a fence paling and hit him from behind and knocked him out and broke Tyrone’s jaw.”

Gypsie-Lee encouraged Tyrone to let someone at his school know about the bullying but Tyrone refused. He responded with, “no one cares.” In the days that followed after Tyrone’s passing, his school, Aspley State High School, released a statement. While they were aware of the incident, no allegation of bullying was ever presented to them.

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Paying Tribute to Tyrone

Hundreds of people rallied in honour of Tyrone Unsworth this past Sunday in Brisbane. The rally supported the Safe School Coalition Australia. This organization aims to create more inclusive and safer environments for students, especially for LGBTQ children at school. Had this program been in place at Tyrone’s school, his families believes his life might have been saved.

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“Kids like Tyrone are bullied and made to feel like outcasts for their sexual or gender diversity and interests. Bullied to a point that he felt his only option was to leave this life. My heart breaks to know my best friends growing up were exactly like Tyrone, but that I couldn’t help him,” wrote Jess Origliasso, of The Veronicas, on Instagram.


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Getting Help

If you or someone you know is going through what Tyrone went through, we encourage you to seek help. The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868), and Depression Hurts are all sources that will be able to provide support.


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