It’s every parent’s dream to raise healthy, happy children who value their own well-being. But with so many conflicting views out there about child-rearing, where do you start?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how to best promote your child’s well-being. However, trying out some fun wellness-centred activities is a pretty good place to start!

Give the following activities a go, and before you know it, your child will have an expanded worldview and a healthier self-image.

1) Volunteering as a family

There’s such a thing as sheltering your child too much. If you don’t provide opportunities for your kid to see what real hardship looks like, they won’t realize their own privilege.  

As a family, you could volunteer at the local soup kitchen, donate to a clothing drive, or enter a charity run for cancer. Learning to give back can do kids a world of good. Children who are exposed to world issues like poverty from an early age develop empathy faster than kids who never step outside their bubble. After all, it makes sense that engaging in kind acts from an early age makes a person kinder in the long run.

2) Appreciating and creating art

Art has a surprising way of developing maturity in its seers. Art can be the primary way in which kids come to appreciate beauty. But it isn’t all about aesthetics! With a simple visit to your local gallery, you can guide your children through the art of appreciating the little details in life. These things could include a single, meaningful brush stroke in the corner of a painting, or intentional blur at the edge of a photograph.

3) Exploring the outdoors

Scientists are just beginning to demonstrate how important nature is to our well-being. Not only that, but activities such as camping and hiking extend a bounty of life lessons to youngsters. Firstly, time spent outdoors teaches kids how to appreciate and care for the environment. Secondly, they’ll learn how to engage with their peers without the interference of screens. In other words, if you want well-adjusted kids, send them outside!

4) Reading, reading, reading

The more we read, the more we know: that much is obvious. It’s not all about increasing intelligence, though. Reading can also give kids the best possible chance of being good people.

In the same way that volunteering helps to expose kids to other ways of life, reading has an insistent way of putting us into other people’s shoes. In this way, books teach us sympathy and tolerance. Reading is also the most effective way of introducing children to difficult, abstract truths about life which can’t always be taught by mom and dad.

5) Practicing meditative thinking

Encouraging kids to be reflective and mindful isn’t as hard as it sounds! You just need to remind them regularly that positive thoughts have real power in the world. Your children might find it easiest to get started with meditative thinking by creating their own “positivity motto.” A positivity motto is a brief saying or sentiment which kids can direct towards significant people in their lives.

If this isn’t quite up your kid’s alley, you might encourage them to try yoga, instead. There has recently been a real upsurge in kids’ yoga, and for good reason. Yoga teaches children the principles of awareness and mindfulness at the same time as it engages their bodies. Add some music to the mix, and your kids will soon be yoga super-fans.

About the Author

Johanna delightedly devoured hundreds of books as a child, and has now amassed a great collection of classic mystery fiction and autobiographical titles. She also saves “Pride and Prejudice” to read every Christmas – it’s her favourite! Discover more about Jo on her personal blog, Musings of Johanna.