Are you holding yourself accountable for anything?

Do you feel angry at yourself?

We are our own biggest critics, and we might be holding grudges against ourselves.

Here are five things you need to forgive yourself for:

1) For loving the wrong people

It’s inevitable that throughout your life, you’re going to lose relationships. Whether it’s friendships or a boyfriend/girlfriend, you put yourself out there – you risk getting hurt.

Maybe, you feel you let the wrong person in.

Forgive yourself.

Everyone you meet is a teacher – and you take a lesson out of any experience. Sometimes things will go poorly, but you have to forgive yourself.

2) For sometimes being the antagonist in other people’s stories

Of course, you don’t want to think that you were the “Bad Guy” to anyone! You put so much time and effort into saying the right things and treating everyone kindly. It might be really hard to accept the unfavourable decisions you’ve made.

Forgive yourself.

It’s okay that you made a poor decision. Acknowledge it, take accountability, and always work towards greater things.

3) For being afraid

Whether you’re afraid of the unknown, or the next step. Whether it has you paralyzed with fear, or filled with anxiety.

If you’re afraid to turn the page to the next chapter…

Forgive yourself.

Life is scary and change is terrifying.

4) For being exhausted

Whether you’re exhausted from a busy week or a difficult month. If you feel worn down and like you’ve given all you have…

Forgive yourself.

Lay down, relax, take a nap, and forgive yourself.

5) For not knowing how to fix it

For not knowing how to fix your grief, depression or anxiety.

For not knowing how to fix the problems of the people around you.

For not knowing how to change the world.

For not knowing how to heal yourself,

Forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself, and then find peace.

“We are all a work of art, and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

Written by Celina Dawdy