Raising a child with character

You don’t want your child to seem like they came from a cookie cutter, you want them to have a strong character about themselves. It can be hard in today’s generation where society doesn’t really do anything to reinforce it and does nothing to reward it. While society is lacking, you parenting certainly isn’t.

Here are six ways to help you with raising your child with good character:

1: Don’t give them what they want

Don’t let them have the pleasure of getting what they want right away. If they want something, don’t give it to them because they want it right away. A surprise is a good way of giving them what they wanted.

2. Say no, and don’t budge

Set rules and boundaries. It might be uncomfortable for your child, and you will have to learn that’s okay. Children who are always told yes grow into adults who always expect to hear yes.

3. Celebrate good behavior, not achievements

Have you noticed that today we celebrate what kids do, not who they are? Applaud them when they are kind, when they hold the door open for a stranger, and when they don’t lie.

4. Teach your child the do’s

Do be kind, do be honest. Both of these tools and many others will give them character traits.

5. Show them character

Model for your child what good character looks like. Be respectful, smile, be honest. Live your life at home free of gossip and ridicule. Remember they are watching you.

6. Write thank you notes

How many children nowadays aren’t thankful? It’s not their fault; they aren’t taught to be. They don’t always have to write it out but teach them to always give thanks.