Would anyone really notice if you were gone? Would anyone care? Their lives would be easier without you and you wouldn’t burden them with your depressed feelings and sadness all the time. It takes a toll on them; you see their frustration. If you weren’t in their lives, they could move on. Time heals everything so they will be fine without you.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Your depressive thoughts led you to believe this. There is a big difference between what you think and the reality of your situations. Depression does this to all of us. It takes over our lives and makes us believe that everyone would be better without us. What depression doesn’t allow you to do is see the reality and truth of your relationships. Depression digs its claws into your emotions and turns them into dark, black thoughts of life without you.

Depression can foster suicidal thoughts. You wouldn’t have to endure the pain anymore and it would be easier for everyone if you were gone. The depression stems from pain that you have either dealt with or suppressed. As hard as it seems to talk to someone about it — or write about it — the end result is worth it.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let out those scary thoughts because the depression wants you to keep it all inside. It wants you to think about all the bad in your life so it can continue to do its job and bring you down. It’s important for you to realize that depression is causing these thoughts and emotions. Who are the positives in your life? Really think. It may be the obvious people or it could be the people you don’t think of. People care about you and you can see it if you remove the depression claws.

Think of all of those relationships you’ve made. You have an effect on each and every person that, in reality, is positive. Depression makes you think you are meaningless to them. They have plenty of other people in their lives and they won’t miss you. Take the time to ask them about your relationship and why you are important to them. The people in your life wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to. But depression tells you otherwise.

Depression takes you to that deep, dark place so you need to separate reality from your thoughts. Write down your thought and then either ask people their opinion about it or write what the thought would be without the depression. It will help refocus your thoughts. You have to get out of your head in order to focus on reality. Prove your depressive thought wrong!

Something in your life made you fall into this darkness. Maybe it’s even multiple things. Write about them or talk to a friend so that you can get past it. It won’t be easy but life isn’t always about living in the present. You will get better and you will have the life you hope for. It takes focus and determination along with a few special people to help get you to that happy place. The most important question you can ask yourself is if you want to be controlled by the depression or if you want to control it.

The only way to really take control of the depression is to realize your own reality. Ask people, get opinions, talk to family and maintain those relationships. You need those people through this. Talk to a therapist or confide in someone that can help motivate you to keep your focus on reality. Choose to control your depression! It no longer gets the first and last word in your thoughts. It doesn’t get the satisfaction of taking you to the deepest, darkest place in which you decide to end it all.

You were born for a reason and to serve a wonderful purpose. Reality can prove that but depression will try to separate the truth. Fighting through the depression is not easy. Success is never easy, though, so don’t expect it to be. The person who succeeds at a task does so with great perseverance and determination.

If you live your life one day at a time and win that daily battle, the end result becomes a lifetime of happiness. Your depressive thoughts can’t win if you won’t let it. Be the one to change you. You have the power because you matter. Fight the depression because your future will be one to look forward to. Let your history be history and motivate yourself to create the future you want.

Article written by Stacy Ingersoll