There is a stigma around body image – there’s no denying it. Fortunately, we live in a time where big name companies are stepping forward to break the stigma in order to promote body positivity. Keep in mind, this goes for all body types and all ages. Each and every one of us has likely felt suppressed by the comments of others or has otherwise felt negatively about our bodies. Below are two examples in the fight against body-shaming.



Earlier in 2016, Penningtons released a video titled “Who says plus size women can’t? #iwontcompromise”. It depicts a woman performing yoga with subtitles with assumptions and stereotypes directed toward plus size women. You can view the entire video below.




The fashion company, SmartGlamour, began the #ImFlattered campaign to put an end to body-shaming as well as to get society to reconsider the term “flattering”. Women of all sizes and ages who participated in the photos for the project each wrote down unforgettable remarks, varying from strangers to family members, in regards to how they presented their bodies. From being “too old” to wear a certain dress, to body parts being “a problem”, there were no limits to what these women were critiqued for.

Creator of the campaign, Mallorie Dunn, said to the news source, A-Plus, “We are inundated by messages via other people and society at large that women should be smaller, that we owe our appearance to others, that somehow our appearance should be dictated by other people and what they deem “appropriate” and “appealing.” And I think that is insane! All of them women at the shoot felt amazing — and you could see it, you could feel it in the room. Who would want to squash that kind of positive, incredible energy?!”

The full article can be viewed here.

Breaking Body-Shaming Stigma
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