girls and gangs

Girl Gangs

All-girl gangs exist, but they are not common. Most street gangs are dominated by young men. Young women may be involved in these gangs but they are usually thought of as outsiders.

Roles Women Play In Gangs

Women in gangs are often in more danger than men. They are exploited, or used, as sex objects or drug mules. In other words, they are given dangerous jobs, like delivering drugs, and are expected to have sex with other gang members even if they don’t want to. Other jobs for girls in gangs include:

  • Spying, or being on the look-out for police during crimes
  • Stealing
  • Stripping and prostitution

Gangs and Debts

Imagine this. You need some money, so you ask another gang member to spot you. You get the money but now you owe the person who gave it to you. What will you do? A lot of gang members end up selling drugs to pay back their debts. These debts follow gang members into prison. When they get out, they are still on the hook for the drugs or money. Debts are never forgiven in gangs. If you owe, you will be hunted down and forced to pay. What happens if you can’t?

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Falling victim to Gangs

Girls are lured into gangs by charming gang leaders who make them feel very important.
Girls might be promised:

  • Clothing, jewellery
  • Drugs, alcohol
  • Love and attention
  • A place to live
  • Protection

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The danger of Women in Gangs

Women in gangs are not free or safe. It is very difficult for women to leave once a gang leader has control over them. Women in gangs run the risk of:

  • Getting beat up
  • Being arrested
  • Suffering from sexual exploitation, such as assault, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)