Smart jewelry that provides safety with just a push. ROAR for Good has created a device called Athena that will emit a loud alarm and send messages to loved ones with your location.


“Is that person following me? Don’t make eye contact. What was that noise?”

Women are constantly questioning their safety when they find themselves alone, but this tech company is hoping to change that. ROAR for Good has created Athena, a smart, fashionable jewelry piece aiming to stop potential assaults. It can be worn different ways or clipped on to any clothing. All you have to do is hold down the button for 3 seconds and the device goes into action. This device is currently on Indiegogo to raise funds to produce the product.

Athena is a short-term solution to violence against women, so the company has partnered with non-profits to raise awareness and teach children at a young age about healthy relationships.


The stats are horrifying. One in four women on a college campus will be sexually assaulted and one in five women has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. ROAR’s main focus is to develop solutions to help make a difference.



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