Teen Dies Celebrating End of School

Two teens will be tried as minors in 17-year-old’s death at end of year celebration

It’s every parents nightmare – the death of a child.

A shooting June 4 of a Cottonwood Heights teenager at an end of year celebration has 2 teens being tried as minors in court.
The charges are stemming from both the shooting, and a burglary and theft of the murder weapon, connected to teh death of 17 year old Harley Jarrett. Several firearms, including the murder weapon were stolen.

Charges Have Been Filed

The charges filed have been focused on two 16-year-old suspects in the same burglary. Those two teens allegedly were with Jarrett when the pistol discharged, causing Jarrett’s mortal head wound.

How Did It Happen?

Three boys, and two teenage girls were celebrating the end of the school year at a home at about 10:30 p.m. on June 4.

The boys had gone into a closet to look at the revolver and one of the 16-year-olds was handling the gun, not knowing it was fully loaded, when it went off, police said.

After questioning, the two 16-year-old boys were arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen firearm; one boy also was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide. They both have remained in juvenile detention since, as was the third arrestee.

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