EaseCare is an Alberta based healthcare company passionate about mental health that is here for all Albertans. Our goal is to help ensure that Albertans remain resilient during these challenging times. We understand the economic impact that COVID-19 has had on numerous organizations across the province. EaseCare provides Free professional mental health counselling and affordable corporate resources and training so we can get through this together and come out stronger.

We are also here to support businesses in Alberta. Is your organization in need of additional mental health support, or did you recently have to cut costs for health benefits? EaseCare has a no-cost solution for you, and provides virtual mental health support for your employees from qualified healthcare professionals. Enhance the mental health and well-being of your employees with EaseCare. We are here to help your organization emerge stronger and better, and together we will kick-start Alberta’s economy.

As an Alberta based company, our services are offered to you free of charge!

Strengthen your team today! Contact us to get set up with our Corporate Care program.



Mental Health Care for Organizations

  • Corporate surveys
  • COVID-19 return to work support
  • Access to additional resources and webinars via a custom health hub for your organization
  • 7 days a week care
  • Voice and video consults
  • Mental health assessments
  • Mental health consult with a physician
  • Direct psychiatrist referrals

Find EaseCare’s website here: www.easecare.ca