Racial identity is a very versatile topic. Identifying as mixed race or biracial can often have its struggles. Whether you are dealing with stereotypes or simply trying to determine your identity in society, there is no doubt that growing up can be tough.

Growing up biracial
Image from the below BuzzFeed video

In the below BuzzFeed video, individuals explain what it feels like to have to identify as various ethnicities. The participants are often mislabeled and feel pressured to try and fit in, while at the same time, handling rejection from peers because they are marked an outcast.

As one woman explains, “An interesting part of my journey as a young multiracial person growing up, was rejection from both sides of my ethnic identity.”

A few other notable statements from the video include:

  • “No one has ever been able to correctly identify who I am my entire life.”
  • “Almost everyone misreads me in some way.”
  • “If I am going to be white, well then why can’t I have blonde hair and blue eyes?”
  • “You don’t need to fit a mold that other people think you should fit.”

What can we do to help?

Essentially, the most important thing that we can do is be kind and accepting of one another. Everyone has a different story to tell and has something to contribute to society, which is reason enough to emphasize our diversity. We should never feel like we have to justify our roots. Share your thoughts in the comments below!