Whether you are a teenager or an adult, the act of coming out is certainly not easy for a majority of people. Though the parents, friends, and relatives of some individuals are accepting and open, it isn’t always a breeze. If you are someone who identifies as LGBTQ but has not yet told anyone,  you might be wondering, how does it feel to “come out”?


This montage from Buzzfeed showcases brief stories of those who have come out:

Fathers and their adult kids reflect on the moment that their kids told them that they were gay:


Fathers and their adult kids reflect back on the moment the kids told their dads they were gay. The results: a beautiful mix of laughter and love.

Posted by Upworthy on Friday, December 11, 2015




Everyone’s experience is different, and nobody can fully tell another how to walk through “coming out”. Fortunately, there are several resources that try to provide help ease the process. Commons points that are touched on include:


  1. Trust yourself. You know yourself best. Follow your intuition – that gut feeling you have – because more often than not, it is right.
  2. Be understanding. Others might have several questions or might be surprised at the news. It is important that in this situation for you be open and ready to answer questions. As we said above, trust yourself. Those around you are just curious. This is a great opportunity to explain your thoughts and have a fulfilling, open discussion.
  3. Remain positive. If you are faced with hostility, do not lose your courage. This is a highly emotional change for those around you so they might not understand how to react at first.




Advice On Coming Out

LGBT Foundation

If you need to talk to someone, contact Kids Help Phone!