The Association of Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) wanted to educate the public on how to appropriately respond to survivors of sexual assault. This was carried out through the #IBelieveYou campaign.


The campaign spanned six government agencies, twenty-three post-secondary institutions, several community organizations, and four national media partners, including SOS Safety Magazine. It ran Alberta-wide for the months of September and October in 2015.

Along with campaigning and polling, AASAS also created a mini-series of videos that show how tough speaking about one’s personal experience can be, and that having someone to believe you makes all the difference.

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Results of the Campaign

The #IBelieveYou campaign earned Honourable Mention from the 2015 MarCom Awards, which saw over 6500 entries from all around the world.

The results from the campaign are displayed in the below infographic.


“These results show that our campaign not only raised awareness, but dramatically improved the way people will now respond to sexual assault survivors,” says Deb Tomlinson, CEO of AASAS. “Creating an environment where survivors feel safe to tell [their story] is extremely important because survivors who get a positive response are much more likely to get help, seek justice, and make our communities safer and healthier for everyone.

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