Bars and Melody on Britain's Got Talent

Inspiring “anti-bullying” audition song for Britain’s Got Talent by Bars and Melody touches the hearts of thousands.

Every once in a while you come across a song that has true meaning – the kind that is so powerful in its message that it gives you goose bumps. Well that is just what happened when we listened to the audition performance of Britain’s Got Talent duo ‘Bars and Melody’, made up of Charlie Lenehan (15 years old) and Leondre Devries (13 years old). Their powerful message about anti-bullying stems from real life experience, and is truly heartfelt.

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The youth rap song is a twist of Faith Evans and Twista’s “hope”, with the creation of new lyrics.
The lyrics in the song reflect the struggles that these boys have faced with bullying. Audience cheered them on, and Simon even sent the kids straight to the live show.

It’s obvious that this video has gone viral…fast! But what is even more amazing is the effect this video is having on the anti-bullying movement and how it is actually giving strength to many suffering from being bullied, and a new perspective to those who are engaging in bullying behavior.

Bullies are actually apologizing to their victims after watching this video that has been played in many school class rooms and assemblies. Bullying victims are finding strength within this song. This song really is MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

The kids of Bars and Melody have taken a negative experience and turned it into something positive that is affecting the lives of hundreds, and thousands of youth! Way to go Bars and Melody, keep it up!

Check out the tweets below showing just how much of a difference these two kids have had on the world so far.
Bars and Melody Tweets

The duo has even been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

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Please watch and share this video so to help spread the message about anti bullying.