1. Can you be the real you around me?

If you or your partner feel like they can’t be their real self around you, it probably isn’t real love because you don’t know the real person.

2. Do you have something to hide from me?

If you or your partner feel like they have to tiptoe around each other, it’s not good. If you have to hide things from your partner there’s something wrong. A good relationship is built on honesty.

3. Who is the person you go to when something awesome happens in life?

The answer should be your significant other. They should be the person you go to whether you need someone to high-five or need a shoulder to cry on. If you’re not that person, you should find out why so you can become their rock.

4. Do you put yourself or the relationship first?

Ask yourself, which do you put first?

 5. What do you love about the relationship?

There’s a difference between love and like. Make sure you know how you feel about everything in the relationship.