An OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Competitor

Kyla discovered her passion for (OCR) obstacle course racing in 2013 when she ran her first Spartan race. She had heard about mud racing and decided it was time to do something different; to shake things up in her life! While managing her massage therapy and personal training business as well as being a mother to her four children, Kyla took the plunge, literally, into a whole new world of racing.

In our everyday lives, being able to simultaneously maintain family, friends, school, a career, and one’s personal passions takes quite a bit of self-discipline. Kyla has become a master of time management and has learned first-hand how important balance is to success. Aside from her races, Kyla unwinds by going for runs – focusing on her breath and the feelings in her feet allow her to calm her mind. Having an outlet that allows for “you” time is so important for personal growth. Your outlet may be drawing, photography, singing, or even exercise! Discover what relaxes and calms you the most. You may be surprised at the results!

Just like how any of us feel pride in completing a project or a goal, every time that Kyla completes a race, immense pride engulfs her. “When I cross the finish line, there is a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of relief. I did it.” While the training might be tough and obstacles are faced day-to-day, it really comes down to our perspective. How will we take the problem presented to us and turn it into something that benefits us? By persevering through these situations, not only do we become stronger, but crossing our own personal finish lines become that much more rewarding.

Along with persevering through the tough times, it can be extremely beneficial to have a role model to be inspired by. These can include teachers, counsellors, parents, even celebrities. We can likely all think back to a pivotal moment where, if we hadn’t met or learned of one particular person, everything would be completely different. For Kyla, this influence is her mother. Kyla’s mother, who had never ran before, decided to enter herself into her first marathon at the age of 55! If her mother could take this leap, surely Kyla could push her limits and challenge herself! Take a moment to find reflections of yourself in others and use that as a motivator in following your dreams.

To those who may be struggling to cross their own personal finish lines, potentially halted by negative thoughts or self-doubt, Kyla wants you to know that…

“If you think that you want to do something, make every effort to step into it and achieve it. You’re worth it.”

Always remember that you can be whatever you want to be, whether it be an artist, scientist, teacher, chef – even an OCR Competitor.