Five life-size human sculptures were spotted “climbing” the new barrier on the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, AB in the morning of Sunday, August 7, 2016.

Life-Size Human Sculptures on High Level Bridge

The sculptures are certainly a mystery, as the City of Edmonton did not authorize this art project and the artist never stepped forward to explain the meaning behind it. Soon after the sculptures were spotted, they were taken down as they were considered vandalism.

The message of the sculptures climbing the new barrier could be interpreted in a few different ways:

  • Paying tribute to those who have been lost to suicide over the years; the sculptures signify ghosts.
  • Stating that a barrier is not enough to prevent people from considering suicide.
  • People need something more than a physical barrier to help them out with their mental health and hardships; there should be more access to resources and mental health professionals.

“I thought it must be a suicide prevention ad or effort,” said one bicyclist passing by.

Whatever the reason may be for these sculptures, they continue the conversation about suicide and mental health in our community. What do these sculptures mean to you?


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