The brand, Always, has been asking us the question, “What does it mean to do something ‘Like A Girl‘?” in order to empower women. For over 30 years, Always has partnered with teachers around the world, providing girls with puberty and cycle education. They believe that in order to empower girls, education must play a huge role and that confidence can certainly be taught.

Some of the facts from the #LikeAGirl video series include:

  • 72% of girls feel society limits them
  • A girl’s confidence plummets during puberty

Image from Always

In a push towards equality, we are seeing a movement of more recognition towards the contributions of women in our society. Whether it be equal salaries, treatment in social situations, or the way we perceive potentially hurtful sayings, we must grow more conscious of not undermining another gender. Be it male or female, it is of the utmost importance to treat each other with openness and respect.

Watch a few of the videos below.


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