At SOS Safety Magazine we are saddened by the news of a 26 year old woman who went missing on Friday, May 2nd 2014.

EDMONTON – The last time anyone saw 26-year-old Louise Veillard was around 12:30 p.m. Friday, near the McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station. She was wearing a red hoodie, Birkenstock shoes and had a small navy backpack with her at the time.

Since then, community members have come together to search for Veillard and any information about her disappearance.

“We are really overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from the Edmonton community,” said Marie Veillard, Louise’s sister. “So many people have been putting up posters, searching streets, tweeting messages, making food, giving hugs or opening their homes. We are hopeful that together we will learn what happened to Louise and hopefully return her home safe and sound.”

The woman’s family says she has a history of depression.

“She had a few rough night shifts where she wasn’t sleeping too well and we think that might have been a factor in her state,” said Saima Butt, a friend of Veillard’s. “The last person that saw her said she seemed out of character and she didn’t seem quite like herself.”

The search for Veillard was initially focused in and around Edmonton’s River Valley. However, it has now expanded to include areas beyond the city limits. Those involved in the search have created an online map to coordinate their efforts.

A Facebook page has also been set up, for those looking for the latest information on Veillard.

Anyone with information is being asked to call police.

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