Angela Taylor, from Winnipeg, has created a community outreach organization to assist in the mental health of children and their families. The organization is called Inspire Community Outreach.

Angela Taylor (Photo from Inspire Community Outreach)

Why Angela is helping out

“My mom struggled with very severe mental health issues and growing up was very difficult. I ended up going into Child and Family Services for a lot of my childhood.”

Angela’s mother passed away from suicide 16 years ago. This inspired Angela to create Inspire Community Outreach: a resource for those who may be struggling, or know someone who is struggling.

“Maybe it is that you’re not sure who to contact at EIA (Employee Income Assistance) or you need a place to play with your child, or if that place doesn’t exist, maybe our team can create it.”

Angela’s largest goal is to make sure that people who live with mental health problems know that there is hope and help.

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Paying it forward

Aly Raposo, another individual involved with Inspire Community Outreach, feels the need to help others experiencing mental health problems – facing plenty of hurdles throughout her own life.

Aly comments on her own experience, “I have generalized anxiety disorder as well as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and auditory hallucinations. I told my story about my own mental illness and how it’s not a weakness and it’s not anything to be ashamed of. We’re all so powerful and strong because of it and it’s not something we need to be afraid to talk about.”



Better Winnipeg: Local woman creates mental health outreach program