This time last year in Missouri, Destiny Mantia lost both her husband, Corey, and son, Parker. While on the highway driving to an appointment, a drunk driver collided with the family’s vehicle at an excessive speed. Destiny’s son passed away at the scene while she and her husband were airlifted to hospital. Corey passed away no more than 24 hours after the crash.

Destiny Mantia

For Destiny, still in her early 20s, it has been a pain that she never knew existed. She had dreams in place for her family and had many milestones to look forward to, such as Parker’s first haricut. This is the type of tragedy that no individual ever imagines happening to them and can be easily prevented.

Destiny Mantia 2

Overcoming Tragedy

Through this hardship, Destiny was able to discover a strength that she never knew she had. With a support group of family and friends over the past year, she has become an inspiring role model for all. Her heartfelt posts hold themes of turning a terrible situation into something positive, always moving forward, and striving for your biggest goals.

Its crazy what can happen over a year!

Last year I literally had no idea how I could move forward after having my…

Posted by Destiny Mantia on Monday, September 21, 2015