NCSA has provided programs and services designed and delivered by Indigenous people, for Indigenous people, in Alberta for over 50 years. Our mission is to promote the resilience of the Indigenous individual and family, through programs and services that are grounded in reclaiming our interconnectedness, reconciliation of relationships and self-determination.

Today, and every day, we invite our non-Indigenous relations to meet us halfway on the path towards reconciliation. While the intents and impacts of Residential Schools continue to affect us, we are still here. We turn to our languages, cultures, and ceremonies to guide us as Indigenous peoples.

Programs and Services Highlights

  • Residential School Health Support Program – Open to any former Indian Residential School student and their family members regardless of their status and place of residence. The program provides emotional health and wellness support.
  • Indigenous Courtwork Program – We have Courtworkers in courthouses across Alberta that are free of charge and can help Indigenous people through family, criminal and youth court.

For more information about our programs call 780-451-4002 or go to and follow us on Facebook @NativeCounsellingServices

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  • Home Fire

Home Fire explores family violence and restorative justice from an Indigenous perspective. Featuring commentary from Elders, community leaders, and members of the western justice system, Home Fire examines the colonization of Canada, historic trauma, the western justice system and grassroots healing programs in Indigenous communities.

  • Journey Home

Journey Home explores healing Indigenous children in the Canadian child welfare system. This powerful documentary provides an Indigenous community perspective on inter-generational trauma and its impacts on children and youth in government care. This research-based documentary highlights community approaches to ensuring children are meaningfully connected to their cultures, communities and identity.

  • Water: The Sacred Relationship

This documentary and educational curriculum were guided by Cree Elders and led by a team of Indigenous and western scientists. The Sacred relationship explores how reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people and the rest of Canada can lead to healthier water.

2021 New Releases!

  • Wâwâkamow: Navigating Bail, Galdue Reports and Sentencing in Alberta – River’s been charged and can’t afford a lawyer. He needs help along the winding path that is Canada’s criminal justice system. This video is accompanied by 3 wallet cards on the same topics.
  • Truth and Reconciliation Resource Package – This package is for anyone who wants to learn more and develop an understanding of Indigenous cultures and the history and continuing impacts of Residential Schools in Canada.
  • Educator and Service Provider Resource Package – This package includes a suite of legal education resources which have been curated for educators, caregivers and youthworkers.
  • Navigating Alberta Children’s Services Maps – A series of 8 maps that reveal legal routes through Children’s Services system. These maps are for individuals and their caseworkers to help identify points where they can advocate and make decisions for themselves.
  • Connections APP ­– Start scrolling! Learn how to find an Elder, a recipe or how to do your taxes. The Connections APP is designed for Alberta youth and young adults aged 14-26 who are transitioning to adulthood from government care.

Coming Soon…April 2022!

  • New documentary and publications for families and loved ones of Missing, Murdered and Exploited Indigenous People in Alberta.
  • Launching BearPawU! Free online courses for Indigenous youth (16-24 years) on: How to get Government I.D., Your Rights with Police, and Navigating Bail, Sentencing and Getting Gladue Reports in Alberta.

Article Contributed by Dr. Daena Crosby