In a world where it seems that everyone has their own opinion on health, it can become rather confusing for the average person to understand just what the best way is to obtain and build better health. It is not about a specific diet that may be popular or about taking all the latest supplements that get heavily advertised. To build and strengthen our bodies and improve our health, there are some basic things that we can all do.

The first thing we need to look at is our diet. We must first deal with the foundations, our diet and lifestyle habits. We, as a society, need to get better at this. A healthy diet includes consuming more whole, non-GMO, healthy foods instead of processed foods. This can include eating more organic vegetables, some fruits, greens, whole grains (such as rice, quinoa, etc.), and eliminating as many of the processed versions as possible, such as white sugar, white salt, most flour products, as well as staying away from fast food restaurants when possible. Forks Over Knives is a great organization to check out, to see what a great health conscious and plant-based diet looks like. You can also add a small portion of meat, eggs, fish to their recipes if you so desire.

This type of diet will help build and strengthen the body as a whole and in turn help improve the function of the immune system. To further assist during times of distress, sickness, and so on, nature gives us many wonderful options such as herbs like Elderberry, Echinacea, Oregano oil, and more. There are also medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, and Shiitake. Colloidal Silver is always a good choice as it helps with such a wide range of pathogens and germs.

Along the vitamin/mineral end of things, it is good to go with an ACES + zinc combination. As far as natural supplements go, it is best to buy products that are in a formula or combination, as they give us the benefit of several things all in one product. They can also be less expensive and easier to take. Talk to your local Natural Health Professional to see what the best fit would be for you and your family.

There is more to it than this, but these are just a few suggestions that are safe and effective to help us through the good and bad times, and they do not have to break the bank.

Article by Perry Stang | Practical Herbalist | Owner of Stang’s Health Centre Ltd.