Rebel Wilson, Australian comedian and actress, had a very dangerous experience at a nightclub which involved a spiked drink. According to Rebel, she “felt super tired and disoriented” after having only one third of her drink. Although she did get home safely, she notes the important of getting to safety if you think or feel that something is wrong. This goes for both women and men alike.

Rebel Wilson
Image from APlus



Preventing Date Rape

In a perfect world, we would not have to worry about protecting ourselves from being roofied. Unfortunately, this event is still very prevalent in our society and though nobody is blaming the victim, proactivity is the first line of defense in a situation such as this.

A few things that you can do to increase your safety at a bar or club are:

  • Asking a trustworthy friend to watch your drink from you if you plan on leaving your seat
  • Hold your drink from the top, preventing any possibility of a drug being placed in it
  • Do not accept or share drinks with others
  • Disposing of your drink if you left it unattended by accident
  • Arrange a safe ride home if you happen to have sudden feelings of dizziness, poor coordination, or extreme nausea