Summer Vacation Tips

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If you are heading on vacation at all this summer, make sure you know the proper steps to staying safe while you are away from home. Staying safe while on vacation will ensure that you, your friends and your family can fully enjoy vacation.

Preparing for Vacation

  • Make sure to make copies of all of your important identification and documentation including flight information, medical insurance cards, and travellers checks. Keep the copies seperate from their original documents when you travel in case the original items are stolen or lost.
  • Bring some cash, but only in small amounts. If you take a large amount of cash, there is always the risk that it will be lost or stolen. Plan to use travelers checks or credit card while on vacation.
  • Lock up your home securely before you leave. Ensure that all doors are locked, your alarm is set and all windows are safely closed and locked.
  • Keep your traveling adventures off of social media while you are away. If you let the internet know that you are not home, you are simply letting the world know that no one is home, and theives may take advantage of this.
  • Have your mail held at the post office or have a neighbour pick it up for you so that you don’t have a stack of mail outside of your door, making it look like you are away.
  • Have automatic timers set so that your lights will turn on and off. This will make people believe that someone is actually home.

Protecting Valuables on Vacation

  • Only take what cash you need for the day with you. Leave the rest locked in your hotel safe.
  • Never use large bills when paying for anything, keep your cash spending to small items in small bills.
  • Always keep your valuables with you, never leave them in the car.
  • Keep your car locked at all times, and windows rolled up.
  • If you do have any valuables in the car, keep them locked in the trunk or out of plain sight.
  • For women, when you are carrying your purse, keep it in front of you, not behind you, and wrap your strap on your opposite shoulder. If you are travelign to a country that is known for pick pocketers, always keep one hand on your purse.
  • Do not leave your purse loose on the floor or back of a chair, keep it where you can see it and feel it.

If you are traveling somewhere that you may use a motorized recreational vehicle, make sure to understand ATV Safety.

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