In January 2014, 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald decided to try LSD for the first time. However, what Tara thought was LSD was actually a synthetic form called 25-I. It was a decision that would end her life, and to this day, makes us consider the danger of synthetic drugs in society.

The Danger of Synthetic Drugs
Image from Global News

China is often the origin of synthetic drugs, as it is legal to produce and sell them there. It is even scarier when you find out that these drugs can be sold in convenience stores, the illegal market, and even online. According to Chuck Rosenberg, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, gaining access to synthetic drugs is “Extremely easy. A couple of clicks and it’s on the way.”

In regards to Tara, her friend Jessie said “She assured me it’s not dangerous and I didn’t know anything about it so I assumed that she must be doing her research on it.”

Between opioid usage / overdose in the recent years (namely, Fentanyl) and synthetic drugs, there is no way to tell if the drugs you are consuming are safe. From the unknown source, to the dealer, the amount of uncertainty that precedes the purchase of unregulated drugs is astronomical. It is a risk that is not worth your life.


Global News