Have you talked to your kids about the dangers of social media and the importance of not adding friends online that they don’t know? Parents of these young boys in this social experiment thought they had.

They thought their kids understood the dangers of talking to someone online that they didn’t know. But watch what happens when this social experiment (created by Colby Persin) was created to test these young boys.

The creator of the social experiment created a fake Facebook profile of a young teenage girl and asked young to come over to “her” house. You’ll be shocked by what happens. 

[youtube id=”c4sHoDW8QU4″ width=”100%” height=”350″]

A note to all parents, we want to express the importance of talking to your kids about the dangers of social media. It is important to talk to your children frequently about the importance of never adding someone online as a friend or connection that they do not know.

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Source: Colby Persin