To thousands of teens, being bullied at school is an everyday part of their reality. School becomes a place of fear rather than safety. For many kids, standing up to bullies is extremely difficult for fear of only making matters worse.  For some, an initial reaction would be to fight back with anger or aggression, which can be very dangerous. So how do you bravely stand up to bullies and stay true to yourself at the same time? Learn more with SOS Safety Magazine – Please watch a video and read the story for full details.

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Actor Wil Wheaton gives a thought-provoking advice to a seven year old girl at Comic Con who asks him how to deal with people that bully her for being a “nerd”.

Last year, at the Denver Comic Con, Wil Wheaton gave a short powerful answer to a little girl who asked him about his experiences with bullies.

Actor and writer Wheaton first got famous when he was just a kid himself, playing Wesley Crusher, the youngest character on Star Trek: Next Generation. He also appeared as himself in third season of  TV show The Big Bang Theory. 

Wheaton’s blunt, honest answer—spoken with compassion and consciousness—talks about his own experience, gives suggestions about what to do, and ends with a rallying cry to be true to oneself.

His way to simply encourage kids to stay true to themselves may help many parents who have to deal with bullying situations their children are facing. It won’t solve everything, but it might help them to find a way to talk to the victims and make them feel better.

“Don’t ever let someone make you feel bad because you like something they have decided is only for nerds.” Yes.


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