A Detroit high-school student, Alden Kane, invented a wheelchair stroller for a special design class. At the same time, new mother, Sharina Jones, was expecting her first child.

Wheelchair Stroller 3
Image from Today

Sharina was paralyzed at the age of five as a victim of a shooting incident. She had been wondering how she would manage to wheel her child around in a stroller. The freedom to take her baby out and about needed to be addressed.

Alden’s task was to create a new device that would give Sharina this freedom. He worked long hours through trial and error for six months before coming up with the final result: the wheelchair stroller. “… instead of a person pushing it, a wheelchair pushes it.” Sharina was ecstatic, saying that “it makes everything so much easier.”

Wheelchair Stroller 2
Image from BoredPanda

In regards to future plans for Alden, he wants to study biomedical engineering or aerospace in college next year. He would like to see his new wheelchair stroller design patented and mass-produced.

“…Imagine the impact that it could have on hundreds or thousands of lives.”

Check out the new wheelchair stroller in action: