YOUCAN Youth Services has been relentless in their mission of helping at risk youth achieve  their full potential and becoming economically independent. One of the ways that YOUCAN helps youth accomplish this is through their Road To Work Program.

The Road To Work Program has been designed to support youth in gaining the skills and safety training they require to enter the construction, road work, and traffic safety sector. Through a solid partnership between YOUCAN and companies in this industry, youth have a direct route from training to employment upon completing the Road To Work Program.

The program is open for candidates ages 18-25 determined to begin their careers in the construction, road work, or traffic safety industries. Youth can attend the program for consecutive weeks from Monday-Friday and have a valid Class 5 Drivers license and a clean driving record. The training covered in this is as follows.

-Industry-standard safety training

-Hand and power tool training

-Pre-employment training

-Standard First aid

For more information on the Road To Work Program and YOUCAN YOUTH SERVICES visit the link below.