There is a new drug on the streets that is stronger than fentanyl, and little information is known about it. It goes by the name of W-18 and was newly discovered in Calgary earlier this week.

A Drug More Powerful Than Fentanyl













W-18 is an opioid, similar to fentanyl, but it is suspected to be much more toxic.

2015 saw over 200 deaths directly related to fentanyl in Alberta so it is understandable why W-18 is grabbing the public’s attention.

“W-18 is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl, which we know is 100 times more powerful than morphine,” said Sergeant Jason Walker of the Calgary Police Service.

Walker reported that an unknown drug seized by police officers was analyzed at a lab, where the substance was identified as W-18. No other information is available at this time as medical professionals are still researching the possible effects of W-18. Unfortunately, it is believed that deaths will be related to the new drug. The situation is highly similar to when fentanyl first began appearing on the streets in Calgary. Walker also said that “Fentanyl is what is on our plate today, but tomorrow it could be something different.”

That time is now.

We encourage you to be cautious if you find yourself in a situation where you are using drugs that you do not know the origin. Your health and wellness are much more important than a temporary high. There are so many people that you interact with on a daily basis that care about you, and losing you would be devastating to them – especially to something so preventable. We encourage you to stay updated as new discoveries are made with W-18.


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