The Alberta provincial government will now allow pharmacies to distribute fentanyl antidote kits along with prescriptions for opioids. The antidote, naloxone, can be used to temporarily aid in case of an opioid overdose. Essentially, it buys the victim some more time to seek emergency medical help.

Fentanyl Antidote Available in Pharmacies

This comes at a time where the deaths surrounding fentanyl continue to climb, with 272 overdose deaths in 2015 in Alberta, much higher than the 120 deaths in 2014.

The naloxone kit contains:

  • Instructions
  • Two units of naloxone
  • Two syringes
  • Two alcohol swabs
  • Two latex gloves
  • A one-way breathing mask

“By making naloxone kits vailable at pharmacies, we’re expanding the availability of these kits, so they’re within closer reach of Albertans at risk,” said Brandy Payne, Alberta’s Associate Minister of Health.

“This is another positive step in preventing fentanyl deaths,” Alberta Health Services’ Dr. Francois Belanger says. She continues, “We know naloxone saves lives. Having it available in pharmacies means more Albertans using illicit fentanyl have a chance to have an overdose temporarily reversed and get medical help.”

Learn more information about this in the below video:


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